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Putting My Experience to Work

With a ‘profit with a purpose’ focus, Atul is one of three founding partners of umbrella company, KMH Group, a boutique investment & advisory company, managing investments in companies focused on media, entertainment & sports projects. Via joint ventures, we often collaborate with larger organizations looking to deploy $5-10M (sometimes more) in projects with high profile celebrities, influencers, major US sports leagues and philanthropy centric individuals or groups such as NEXUS & UN.

All of our media projects aim to dedicate 5-10% resources toward social impact initiatives of diversity, gender-equity & global sustainability.


Commitment to Diversity In Media

Diversity in US entertainment, 25 years ago, meant seeing African American and Latinos on screen. No one looked like me, a South Asian kid born and raised just outside of Chicago. Today, both the business and creative side of the industry has evolved, allowing folks like me to spring from the decades long 'other' category, to collaborate alongside traditional leaders to advance a more inclusive narrative. Much work is still needed, and I stand with those who make it their personal responsibility to foster opportunities that reflect today's America.


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Speaker & Educator

Book Atul To Speak At Your Next Event

Speaker Topics Include

  • Raising Capital

  • The Importance of Building Relationships

  • Gender Equity and what can we do as  male allies

  • Critical Team Members to Have on Your Team 

  • Business Development Tactics 

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Atul Recently Joined Karen Hunter for a 2 Part Interview, Listen Below.

  • Interview Part One

  • Interview Part Two

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